Oct 212008

Whilst sleeping, several studies have shown that the brain can be receptive external stimuli and both receive and process new information.

Subliminal sleep learning is not just a myth!

While you are sleeping you process all the new information you took in during the day, you discard some of the information that is excess or not needed, and you store the important information deep in your memory, in your subconscious mind.

Because your conscious mind is resting, only your subconscious mind is active, and there are not as many barriers to directly accessing it. While you are sleeping can be a great time to use subliminal messages. Your mind will be extra receptive to the messages, a higher percentage will reach your inner mind, and they will get fully processed before you wake up!

If you have not tried subliminal sleep hypnosis it is something you should expiriment with, it is a time you can use to enhance yourself without any effort required to help you in your waking life!

Watch this space (blog :P) as we’re going to post some real life examples from some people who have used subliminals during sleep with FANTASTIC effects!

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