Apr 182009


Sometimes we just can’t seem to focus, our mind wanders and we sit for hours and get nothing done. Other times we may just be “in the zone”; we get lots of work done, ideas flow freely, and our concentration is sharp. When we can concentrate like this we get much more done – if only we could tap into this level of concentration naturally.

Well we can – some people naturally have enhanced levels of concentration – they don’t have “hot” and “cold” spells – they can enter a deep state of concentration whenever they need to – in essence their brains are wired a little differently. However there are things all of us can do to mimic these people and develop higher levels of concentration too.

Here are four things you can do straight away to enter a higher state of concentration at ease:

Focus on just one thing:

Often we have a hundred things running through our head.  Perhaps you have your emails open, while trying to write a report from your boss, you keep getting interrupted by phone calls, and you are just finishing another project you started yesterday – sound familiar? We often struggle to get anything done as we have so much going on in our heads.

Instead make a priority list of things you have to get done and work through them one at a time. You are not ignoring the other tasks that need to be done, you are just prioritizing them. Which leads on to the next point:

Set time limits and plan your day:

As well as focusing on just one thing as mentioned above if you combine this with splitting your day up into blocks where you concentrate on one activity at a time then you won’t stress as you know you will get to the next activity that needs to be done later.

Work to strict deadlines:

Also, we often work much more effectively when working to a deadline – even if it is a self imposed one. Towards the end of the deadline you will have a much heightened level of concentration – you know you only have a limited time to get the job done before you have to move on to something else. You can see this at the end of a working day in the office where you are rushing to get things done so you can leave on time, you get 3x as much done in half the time as you need to leave 🙂

Stop Procrastinating:

Is your lack of concentration just procrastination? Are you needlessly putting off starting a project?

Procrastination and concentration are enemies. You have to kill your procrastination before you can get stuck into any project. Ask yourself “Do I need to do this? Do I want to get it out of the way so it’s not on my mind? Will it get easier if I do it later?” These questions will bring you face to face with the fact that the job task isn’t going away,. Delaying it only adds to your mental stress, and makes it more of a chore, and ultimately the task consumes more of your mind power for longer.

Cut procrastination and you will improve your level of concentration tenfold!

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Apr 072009

abundance-and-prosperity-beachThis is an introductionary article to attracting abundance and prosperity.

I know there are millions of websites out there all with their own methods and techniques to use the law of attraction, so this will only be brief, and act as a no nonsense guide to some essentials you should be doing in order to attract the abundance and prosperity you deserve.

There are many different ways you can go about using the law of attraction, and in truth there is no single best method. Everyone is different, and what works for one person may not be a suitable method for someone else.

However there are basic principles which all should be covered for real success, and now we will go into detail on these principles so you can make sure you are doing something from each of them:


Some people only do one thing or make a small change in their lives and expect success – to be really successful with attraction you should immerse yourself in it and make it a large part of your life. This is the first essential principle – no matter what techniques you actually use this is the key, you must do a lot of it, and change the way you actually live your life.


The standard method of attracting prosperity, money and abundance is to think of it consciously in your everyday life, and the advice you see everywhere is to use daily positive affirmations. This is a very basic principle of attraction. When you repeat these affirmations day in, day out, consistently then eventually they start to spill over into your reality.

You will start to believe in the affirmation slowly, and eventually the statements will become just part of who you are.


Visualization is a very powerful tool – it tricks the mind into believing the event has already happened, so much so that visualizing something is nearly as powerful as actually doing it – the near exact same emotions will be felt.

The important part here though is that whatever the mind thinks about and visualizes is what you will attract to yourself. Because you have already visualized yourself consistently with lots of money, with that new car, the new house etc then reality play “catch up” and brings to you more of the same – even though you technically have not experienced it.

Vision Board

A vision board is where you create a poster / board of various different images of the lifestyle you want to lead and the things you want to attract. So you could have helicopters on there, a picture of a mansion, pictures of money, swimming pools, cars, holidays etc

The idea here is that every day you see your vision board, so even when you’re not spending the time actively visualizing or repeating affirmations you will still see your vision board and thoughts of abundance will go through your mind on a regular basis.

Make Changes As if It’s Happened Already

This is all about making the changes in your life as if the abundance you want is already starting to happen. For example if you attracted your ideal partner right now would they have somewhere to sleep / to put their toothbrush / to sit and watch tv etc? If not then get that double bed and make room for them. If you won that dream car would it fit in your garage?

If you are not doing these things then it hints at a lack of belief. If you really believe you deserve and will acquire these items then you would clear space for them – imagine you were actually going to buy that car normally, you would spend the week clearing and cleaning the garage! So do it anyway!


Belief in the law of attraction can be a big barrier to your success – even the slightest subconscious hint of disbelief can hamper your success a lot, and even stop you from manifesting the things you want. We get more of what we think about so if even a part of you doesn’t believe you will be able to manifest anything, or doesn’t believe your efforts will work then guess what, this is exactly what will happen!

Belief can be quite difficult to build upon, but you must just stay focused and see the positive in every situation. You can read about other people’s success to spur you on and keep you driven and focused.

Another way you can enhance your belief is through the use of subliminal messages. Our subliminal attract money in abundance album is designed to flush out the negative thoughts and elements of disbelief in your subconscious mind, and make it so that your entire conscious mind and subconscious are working together – meaning you will be much more likely to attract the abundance you want – and much sooner too.

We hope you have enjoyed this mini guide to abundance and prosperity, and hope you stick around our blog to hear more!

Apr 052009


The term “Early Riser” has become an Internet buzzword over recent years. In the personal development, business, or time management fields everyone wants to learn how to become an early riser it seems! This quick article will hopefully act as a simple introduction and guide for how to become an early riser.

If you get up late then your eating pattern is out of line as well as your circadian rhythm and obviously your sleeping / waking pattern. If you can make a change and start getting up early then you will be 10x more productive. You get a good start to the day and carry this on – it will seem a shame to be lazy later on. You will also have an abundance of energy, and a better focus. All of this is due to your body clock, as when you wake up early it goes through it’s proper rhythms throughout the day.

So how do you actually make the transition and become one of these early risers? Follow these simple steps:

  1. You don’t have to go to bed at the same time, just go to bed whenever you are tired. This will level out and be within the same sort of time after a while, but may fluctuate to start with.
  2. Set an alarm in the morning. This is crucial. Contrary to popular belief an alarm in the morning will ensure that you get up at the same time each day and will help to even out your going to sleep time. If you get up at the same time every day it will become a habit, you will know when you have to be up so your body will get tired at the appropriate times.

Trying this without the alarm clock tactic is extremely difficult. What you will probably find is that you will start well, but slowly you will get up later, then you might be getting a better nights sleep but you won’t be the early riser you wanted to be. Your waking time will vary, and you will slowly slip back into old habits.

The best… the only way to approach this is to make a big change and immerse yourself in the “project”. If you do this for 3 weeks you will form it as a habit, it won’t be a project, and it certainly won’t be a struggle anymore – it will be part of your normal behavior.

The formula is basic – go to bed when you feel tired, but wake up at the same time every morning. Sometimes the simple solutions are the best. But here are just a few tips to help you:

  • Don’t stay up excessively late: When you feel tired go to sleep
  • Read in Bed?: Not essential but reading in bed will help to calm your mind, and you will know when you are ready to sleep.
  • Don’t Snooze: Don’t get tempted to press that “Snooze” button on your alarm. This spells disaster. You are getting lazy and and extra 5-10 minutes snooze isn’t going to benefit you, all it will do is lead to further snoozes and signal the beginning of the end for your new lifestyle.

If you want some extra help then try our early riser subliminal album to ensure your subconscious mind is behind the changes, and ensure your success.

Mar 302009

Here is a quick 6 minute video from Jack Welsh, one of the most successful businessmen of modern times, and the previous head of General Electric who grew the company for over 20 years to the point of massive market domination.

Welsh is a people person, he is highly charismatic, and an extremely influential leader. He says the secret to his success was by identifying and grooming leaders within his organization and allowing them to prosper with their decisions. In this video he goes into further detail of how he enabled leaders to develop and other people management techniques which were critical to his success:

Mar 222009


So, you heard of the law of attraction, you were skeptical but interested so you researched a little more and perhaps you made some “wish lists”, a vision board, or developed another plan of sorts of what you wanted to attract… Then a few weeks later and nothing really happened right?

This is the typical “law of attraction cycle” of people go through, and it is no different to any other product – 95% of the people who attend a motivation self development seminar will feel all fired up for a few days but fall back into old ways, over 95% of people who buy any personal development book will never finish it, and an estimated only 2% will ever take any physical action from it.

It is not that these methods (or the law of attraction) don’t work, it is that people give up, or don’t put in enough effort to really see the results, and so they lose interest and look for something else “that actually works”. Any method of personal development will help you if you stick to it, and you won’t like to hear it but the secret to the law of attraction really is Consistency.

You see when these people are giving up it might be that changes are just under the surface for them – just about to sprout into reality. But they stop the positive thinking, the gratitude for what they have, and the focus on bringing more into their lives in such a defined way and whatever was building “under the surface” slowly melts away and they never even realize.

It’s all well saying the key to the law of attraction is just Consistency – staying committed and keeping a focus without giving up – always working towards your attraction goals no matter what. However there are ways in which you can enhance your efforts, and we will get into this a little more in our next post: The Subconscious Mind: The key to the law of attraction.

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