Jan 112009

giant-headphonesAnother common question, and a simple answer: No.

But to elaborate a little more :)… With our albums headphones are not required. Generally headphones are required with pure hypnosis cds – as in a real life session the hypnotist may make suggestions into different ears – so hence on a cd the sound should be heard specifically in one ear more than the other when using a CD -and this different ear tactic helps “confuse” the mind and send you into a trance like state.

However, with subliminal messaging generally this is not required, and certainly with our albums you can listen on just your cd player / computer without the use of headphones – the trance like state is not needed – you will get thebenefit more gradually but generally while listening you won’t feel any big change going on internally.

If you would like to try subliminal messaging then we have a set of free subliminal mp3s for relaxation which will allow you to try it completely risk free.