Jan 072009

subliminal-questionsIt seems like subliminal messages faq time again 🙂

Every so often we seem to get innundated with the same question over and over within a few days, and recently it has been this one:

How long will your albums take to work?

Unfortunately there is no solid answer to this question, it depends on a few things:

  • How often you listen to the album  – listening to the album once every few days will probably produce little benefit, at least for a considerable amount of time – you need to flood your subconscious mind with similar positive messages in order to rewire your behavior and make changes. To do this you should listen at least once a day for a couple of weeks
  • Each album is different – some albums can have very instant effects  (some people experience almost instant results across our range of albums), but the relaxation albums will generally work more instantly than an album addressing a deeper emotional problem for exampl.
  • All of our albums have different effects on different people – one person may suffer from the same issue as another but to a greater degree and therefore take longer to feel the benefit. Some people are however, just naturally more “open” and susceptible to subliminal messaging, and experience benefits faster
  • Our minds are all wired differently from years of social conditioning, so any album will have a different result in terms of quality and speed of results when used by different people – we are all different.

However, as a very general guide you should notice some results within 2-3 weeks, and this is certainly the average time that people start contacting us and tell us what has been happing to them.

Again, we hope this quick post helps your understanding, but if you do have further questions either contact us, or post your question in the comments below and we will follow up with more information.