Jan 052009

We get this question over and over, and now we have a pretty standard respnonse, which to sum up is “there is no best way, everyone is different, and whichever method suits you best is best – it is an issue of personal choice”

However, we do offer 3 main guidelines and ways to listen:

  1. Most commonly we recommend listening once per day, in a relaxed seating position.
  2. You can also listen while you work / exercise / study – If listening tomorrow like this the album should be looped as it will take a few times to get the same benefit simply as you may miss some parts etc
  3. Or lastly you can listen while you sleep – many people loop either the whole album on a lower volume, or just the silent tracks while they sleep, with good results – your subconscious mind is accessible while you sleep so the messages from our albums will still reach your mind.

People have even expereinced benefits through listening to the albums while driving – it really is about personal choice – it is fine to listen while driving, but not to albums like our natural sleep aid album, or subliminal relaxation cd – for the obvious reason that these albums may make you less conscious and less alert.

As long as you can hear the album (or at least the ocean sounds 🙂 ) you will be benefiting from it, so just use the method which fits your lifestyle best. if you still have questions around this topic please post in the comments below and we will follow up.