Dec 032008

george-bush-subliminal-ratsDuring a television campaign for the 2000 US presidential elections there was some use of subliminal messaging by republican candidate (and future president) George Bush.

His advert showed words (and parts thereof) scaling from the foreground to the background on a television screen.

Now most of these words were normal, however when the word Bureaucrats was flashed onto the screen (an attack on rival candidate Al Gore) in just one frame (meaning it was too fast to consciously notice i.e. it was subliminal) only part of the word was scaled – the end part – RATS.

The FCC investigated the matter but no fines were incurred, and no further action was ever taken..

If George Bush can use subliminal messaging to swing votes and influence people’s decision then you too can use subliminal messaging, not for manipulation but to make positive changes in your life!

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