Dec 032008

CB029654Okay, back to basics and for the record, here is our official definition of Subliminal Messaging:

Origins of the Term:

The term subliminal comes from the latin of limen and sub – literally meaning threshold, and below – therefore it refers to any information which is “below our threshold” [of understanding].

Subliminal Message:

A subliminal message is any message which is embedded in a form of media. It will pass below the regular limits of the human perception – i.e. you will not hear, or see any message.

These messages are not recognised by our conscious minds, but have an influence upon our subconscious. Importantly our unconscious mind will either positively or negatively influence and even create our behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, actions, and improtantly even our value systems and belief systems.

They come in 2 different types – either visual i.e. images or text flashed at a speed so fast the eye cannot detect, or audio i.e. verbal messages played at sound frequencies below the threshold of human hearing.

We obviously specialize in audio based messages, and you can see our full range of subliminal mp3s and cds here.