Nov 082008

This is a tricky question to answer. We have had people experience results after just one listening session, and we are not afraid to admit we have had people who have never experienced results 🙁

With all of our albums there will be a difference in both time and quality of results. Generally we say you should see results within 2-3 weeks, but it depends on how susceptible you are to subliminal messages and how your brain is wired, you will always have different results than a friend with our albums, even listening to the same album.

There are several other “external” factors which may be at play, such as what physical action you are taking towards your goal – if you are not doing anything and hoping our album will cure your problem or teach you Spanish overnight then you will probably not get much result…

Also are you using any other tools – are you reading, watching videos, studying, or using other mind improvement tools to help you reach your goal? We always tell people that our albums are just one tool you can use. If you use it and you are working towards your goal it will give you a boost, but it won’t work wonders on its own.

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