Nov 052008

This is a question that keeps coming up, while it is important to note that there really is no magic pill, some albums do have an “effortless” element to them – some are more “effortless” than others..

Let me explain – if you buy a stop smoking cd for someone who actually has no desire to stop smoking then it is not very likely the CD will help. However, if you do want to stop smoking the CD will enhance your efforts and your willpower, and make you more likely to succeed.

Another example – our language learning CDs won’t help you to learn Spanish for example on your own, so they are not really effortless, even if you “want to” learn Spanish you will not wake up magically speaking Spanish, the way it works is you have to be studying, but again it will enhance your ability to learn, process the information, and remember.

Other albums such as our positive thinking subliminal album or the attract money cd for example are more effortless, they will send positive thoughts into your mind on a specific subject and align your thoughts differently to suit different goals.

We hope this little post helps to explain the nature of our albums but if you’ve got any questions please contact us or leave a comment!