Dec 082008

subconscious-mind-icebergA lot of people are skeptical about the power of the subconscious mind, so hopefully this quick article will shed some light on how things work.

Fristly, have you ever had a scary dreamsafter watching a horror film when you were younger? That is an example of images which have been implanted in your mind while you are conscious, and they are present in your subconscious mind while you sleep.

It works the other way round too – have you ever had a vivid dream which you think about during the day, a negative dream which really bothers you, or affects your mood – perhaps a nightmare, or a vivid dream of a loved one dying for example? This is an example of how your subconscious mind in influencing your conscious state – i.e. while you are awake in everyday life!

Whether real or imagined, true or false – your subconscious mind can influence you!

This is where subliminal messaging comes in – it implants suggestions into your subconscious mind – which in enough quantities and if used frequently build up and spill over into your conscious reality. You will gradually expereince changes in your conscious reality – whether that is being more confident, outgoing and assertive, or improving your capacity for learning.

They say the mind is like an iceberg, with the tip being the conscious, and under the water the larger area of the iceberg being the subconscious mind – start feeding your subconscious mind today with our powerful subliminal messaging mp3s and cds.