Nov 032008

Here is a timeline of Abraham Lincolns efforts, sucesses and failures in life. He is a shining example to persistence, and determination.

Lincoln suffered defeat after defeat, he survived heartbreak, bankrupcy, and a nervous breakdown, events that most people experience one of al it scars their life and holds them back. Not Lincoln, he could have quit 100s of times – but he didn’t and eventually he became one of the greatest American presidents in history.

  • 1816: Lincoln had to work to support his family after they were forced out of their home
  • 1818: His mother passed away.
  • 1831: He experienced his first failure in business.
  • 1832: He ran for state legislature and lost.
  • 1832: He lost his job, and also wanted to go to law school but he could not get in.
  • 1833: Failed in business for the second time and was declared bankrupt after borrowing money from a friend. The next 17 years of his life were spent paying off his debts.
  • 1835: His sweetheart died and he was devastated.
  • 1836: He had a nervous breakdown and stayed in bed for 6 months.
  • 1838: He campaigned to be the speaker of the state legislature and was defeated.
  • 1840: He campaigned to to become elector and was defeated.
  • 1843: He ran for Congress and lost.
  • 1846: He ran for Congress again – and actually won.
  • 1848: Ran for re-election to Congress  and lost.
  • 1849: He was rejected from the job of land officer in his home state.
  • 1854: He ran to be Senate of the United States and he lost.
  • 1856: He campaigned to be the Vice-Presidential nomination at for his party but received less than 100 votes.
  • 1858: He ran for Senate again, and lost again.
  • 1860: He was elected president of the United States.

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