Sep 222009

Yes, it is finally here, after months and months of planning, and designing we have now launched our industry leading custom subliminal service.

strong>You can now make your own custom subliminal mp3 albums! Yes, thats right, you can write your own script with your own unique affirmations and subliminal suggestions. This means that the album will be more effective – your mind will be more receptive as it is your own choice of language and statements.

This also means that you can target unique goals, and resolve problems and issues which are unique to you. Sometimes a general album about confidence just isn’t enough if you have very specific reasons why you are introverted and socially shy. No one knows your circumstances like you do, and now you can write the exact script which is needed to help you develop.

That’s not all – we also have over 10 brand new music tracks to choose from. We have listened to your feedback and your suggestions on the music you would like to hear on your album and we have purchased the licences to a wide range of music choices – everything from Classical music, to Jazz, and soft relaxing, ambient tracks… not to mention our trademark relaxing ocean and nature sounds… oops almost forgot that of course the completely silent track is available too! 🙂

We are so excited about this new service, and it appears that you are too – we have only had this service live a week at the date of writing this post and already over 162 people have made their own album! This service really is something quite unique Online – no other subliminal company offers this service… in fact, can you think of many (any) other personal development programs which let you completely design your own product… apart from visiting a hypnotist in person we can’t..

The best part is that it doesn’t cost the price of a personal consultation with a hypnotist or nlp expert – far from it. We’ll, that’s not actually the best part – the best part is that this service has been created with our expertise – meaning that you don’t have to be an expert. You don’t have to have an indepth understanding of NLP, hypnosis, subliminal programming, or cognitive behavioral therapy. We have guidelines all the way through on how to write your affirmations, and how to make sure your album is as effective as possible.

With this new service the future is in your hands – the sky is the limit and anything is possible. Whether you want to create your own unique weight loss album, improve your confidence, write your own unique money attraction album, or pursue unique goals and personalise your album to unique people or places in your life – if you can imagine it then you can make it with our new service.

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