Aug 162009

Public speaking is a common source of stress for everyone. Gaining confidence in this skill is very important for many people. Public speaking skills are used in all sorts of situations, such as job interviews and presentations at work. As such they are useful to almost everyone at some point.

As such, confidence in public speaking is a very useful skill to learn. Here are a few tips to gain the confidence needed for public speaking:

  • Control your nerves: to do this, you first need to know and understand your material thoroughly. If possible, try to familiarise yourself with the room beforehand. Find out how many people will be attending and where you will be standing for the presentation. You must also remember that nervousness is natural and the adrenalin from it will actually help you during your speech or presentation.
  • Speak slowly: if you speak too fast, your listeners may have a difficult time following you. If you listen to any great public speaker, you will notice the pace and pauses give it a natural rhythm which makes it easier to follow their speech.
  • Make eye contact: the best public speakers will always make eye contact with their audience, or the audience may become bored with them regardless of how good or interesting the material is. Eye contact with the audience is a relatively subtle hint that this part of the speech is important and they should take it on board.

The process of gaining confidence in public speaking could also be sped up by the use of subliminal messaging techniques. Subliminal messaging works by targeting your subconscious mind with positive reinforcement, which will then begin to make changes in your mind to your belief systems, and even the way you think about public speaking. Try our public speaking confidence album and improve your public speaking ability naturally.