Oct 292008

It’s time for another case study – this is a story we received a while ago relating to some phenomenal results with our darts album:

Fuming and angry at my performance last season I set out to practice my darts.  This, I found is where I struggled.  In one game I hit a 180 and stormed ahead only then to fail in hitting the double to finish off a match that I really should have won.

Finally though after a couple weeks struggling through games I was scouting around for something… anything,, to help improve my game.  After a short search I came across something.  Real Subliminal.  I read a little about what it was and how it worked.

Almost as if a sign from the heavens above I quickly purchased the album.  And I am glad I did.  After listening to it the first time I felt more relaxed and confident as I stood at the Oche of the practice board.  I started throwing and to my surprise I started throwing well.  In fact I felt as if…. though I maybe wasn’t hitting the doubles straight away,  I felt like I was getting closer and throwing with ease and comfort.

The next night after listening to the album again I went through to the practice board.  Kept record of how much I was hitting….. I kid you not,  I was astonished about my results,  I was amazed,  I couldn’t believe it.  I gave it another day and checked my results.  My accuracy on finishing was an increase of around 25% on most doubles in only a few short days.

Since then I have continued to use the album… In fact it is on as I type,
David Melvin

David used our subliminal darts accuracy album – designed with unique messages to enhance your darts game.