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We are the world’s largest resource of information about subliminal audio, video, and image messages. Sometimes for fun, sometimes serious, we show how subliminal messaging is applied in the real world.

What Is It?

Subliminal messaging is blanket term which covers many different areas. It its most basic form it means that there is a message hidden in some form of media, usually with the aim of influencing your decision to a required outcome without your knowledge.

This can be simple soft suggestion, sleight of hand, maybe just a “hint”, the use of leading questions, but more often than not, when we refer to subliminal messaging we usually mean the use of either images, video or audio:


sfx magazine front cover with subliminal messageSubliminal images often manifest in the form of adverts with either hidden meaning, subtle suggestions, or often hidden text somewhere within the advert itself. Perhaps the grass on a field spells out the word “happy”, or some cracks in the pattern of some ice cubes spell out “sex”.

The goal is often to subtly send a message to the mind of the viewer (often potential customer) to associate positive feelings towards the brand or product.


Example of a use of subliminal video in advertising with a chupa chups flashed logoSubliminal video again is often advertisements, but there is a large amount of evidence and examples of movies, cartoons, and tv shows using subliminal elements. As a progression from simple flat images with hidden words or subtle suggestions, it is possible to do much more with moving video.

Common instances include flashing text messages, words forming from animation, or flashing images, all just displaying for a fraction of a second.


3d sound wave representationRather than just being visual, subliminal messages can also be auditory. Here, the subliminal verbal statement is often hidden in music. Sometimes the suggestion is masked behind other sounds, sometimes it is at a higher or a lower threshold so it is just barely audible (or maybe not audible at all if it is “pure subliminal” and moved just out of the frequency range of human hearing.

There are a lot of examples of their possible use within music songs where it is claimed the artist has placed a subliminal in to manipulate the listener.. but this is very questionable. There is also wide use of audio subliminal technology for personal use, i.e. as a self help tool.


baby using a computerAs technology improves all of the above methods of subliminal transmission are being programmed into subliminal software programs. Flashing images, higher frequency audio, flashing text.

Here the main emphasis is for use as a personal development tool. In-fact, with all of the methods above there is a growing number of people using these tools for their own benefit, to tap into their subconscious mind and target themselves with positive reinforcement, but we will talk more about this later.

Is It Real?

We certainly think so, and there is a lot of research to back it up, we just wanted to create this blog as we are fascinated by subliminal techniques. We argue it’s case; we believe it has been used for good but also with negative and sometimes even sinister intentions (and is still being used for good and bad today)

However, ultimately we made this blog so you can make up your own mind. We publish research studies into subliminal science, we show you examples of subliminal marketing and advertising, of the possible use of subliminal suggestion in the media, movies and children’s cartoons..

Our Most Popular Pages

Just for “Fun”

people having funSome of these aren’t actually so “fun”, they include images from the media, and possible (it is up for debate) use of subliminal persuasion techniques by businesses and companies to lead you to spend your money with them or develop positive associations to their brand.

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  • Subliminal Videos – Are they for real? Are they inserted deliberately? For what reason? Or are they just coincidence, wishful thinking or even fanciful thinking? Browse our collection of some of the most famous / notorious
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Informational Articles

This cat is interested in sublminal messagingThese articles are often centered around self improvement and the use of subliminal messaging for personal development.

Subliminal messaging isn’t all about cartoons hiding adult suggestions in a hidden frame of animation, a key and growing use for subliminal techniques, i.e. using them on purpose, on yourself to target your subconscious mind and re-wire your mindset from negative to positive.

Our logic is that if big brands are spending millions of dollars inserting subliminal suggestions into their marketing campaigns, then why don’t we all take control and make sure that we are the ones in control of our subconscious minds, and that we are feeding ourselves positive subliminal information.

This is the real purpose of this site – to educate and share information on such applications of subliminal messaging, so here we share any new developments, news stories, new research studies, discussions, as well as our own practical information on how to use subliminal messages and get benefit from them.


Definitions and descriptions on auditory and visual application researched from the Wikipedia entry for subliminal stimuli. - Mike has a healthy skepticism and a passion for subliminal imagery. - Extensive essays on subliminal messaging in the media. - The roots of subliminal perception, an educational essay.