Dec 082008

subconscious-mind-icebergA lot of people are skeptical about the power of the subconscious mind, so hopefully this quick article will shed some light on how things work.

Fristly, have you ever had a scary dreamsafter watching a horror film when you were younger? That is an example of images which have been implanted in your mind while you are conscious, and they are present in your subconscious mind while you sleep.

It works the other way round too – have you ever had a vivid dream which you think about during the day, a negative dream which really bothers you, or affects your mood – perhaps a nightmare, or a vivid dream of a loved one dying for example? This is an example of how your subconscious mind in influencing your conscious state – i.e. while you are awake in everyday life!

Whether real or imagined, true or false – your subconscious mind can influence you!

This is where subliminal messaging comes in – it implants suggestions into your subconscious mind – which in enough quantities and if used frequently build up and spill over into your conscious reality. You will gradually expereince changes in your conscious reality – whether that is being more confident, outgoing and assertive, or improving your capacity for learning.

They say the mind is like an iceberg, with the tip being the conscious, and under the water the larger area of the iceberg being the subconscious mind – start feeding your subconscious mind today with our powerful subliminal messaging mp3s and cds.

Dec 072008

Here is a video of a tv advert KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) aired with a subliminal message in it.

The video wasn’t taken by us, but it is filed at home; in effect filming the tv as the advert plays, so it is unedited and genunine:

Clearly KFC want you to think there is money in your chicken sandwich… but why?

… Well, advertisers will do anything to help an advert stand out, and linking the advert in your mind with powerful emotional triggers such as sex, or in this case money can often be the extra ingredient to make the advert more memorable.

Advertisers are using these techniques all the time, so why don’t you too – but not for manipulating people, but your own personal development! We are the leaders in subliminal audio and have over 200, powerfull, professionally produced subliminal messaging mp3s – so whatever your development needs we have the album for you!

Dec 062008

It is no good listening to a subliminal CD if you are not looking for change, or more specifically if your goals do not match the aims of the CD – a fact which is backed up by Dr Johan Karremans:

subliminal-liptonHe suggests that subliminal messaging ONLY has an effect when the messages are goal relevant.

He conducte a piece of research to asses whether the subliminal priming of a branded drink would affect someones choice of beverage, and whether if the effect is caused by  feelings of being thirsty. He wanted to find out if subliminally priming / preparing the participant with subliminal text or imagery without them being aware would make a person more familiar with the branded product.

Half of his participants were exposed to subliminal messages saying “Lipton Ice” repeatedly flashed on a computer screen for 24 milliseconds, while the control group half was primed with an unbranded message.

He found that subliminally planting the brand name of a drink (in this case Lipton Iced Tea ) made those who were thirsty want the Lipton Ice. People who were not already thirsty, however, were not influenced by the subliminals – as their goal was not to quench their thirst!

This research relates to our advice on subliminal messaging, that, just like hypnosis you have to want to change – if you buy a stop smoking subliminal CD for someone who doesn’t want to stop smoking  then it will likely not have much effect on them. However if the CD is for yourself and your goal is to stop smoking then it will help you and increase your likelihood of quitting.

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This article is just the tip of the iceberg, we have our master collection of subliminal research with all of the officially written, educational level research into subliminal messaging.

Dec 052008

subliminal-messages-banned1The first research into subliminal messaging was done by James Vicary – in his famous “subliminal movie theatre experiment“. This research was the first of its kind and established subliminal messaging, and showed the influence it could have on peoples behavior.

However this study on its own was not enough to ban subliminal messages – it simply led to further research and use of subliminal messaging.

It wasn’t until in 1973, when commercials in America and Canada for the board game “Hūsker Dū?” flashed a subliminal message saying “Get it”.

Shortly after these adverts (and others) came out  Wilson Bryan Key Released a book called “Subliminal Seduction” which showed various uses of subliminal messages as used by advertisers.

This book further heightened public concern and led to the FCC to investigate in 1974. This investigation concluded with a statement from them:

subliminal advertising is contrary to the public interest and intended to be deceptive, and that any [tv] station employing them risks losing its liscence.

The TV stations did not try and resist, they represented the interests of their viewing audience, and if subliminal messages were deceptive then they wanted them off the air too.

Subliminal advertising was also banned in Canada following the broadcasting of Hūsker Dū? ads there in 1974. Shortly afterwards the UK, Australia, and Europe also followed suit.

Subliminal messaging within advertising may be banned, but so is hypnosis – and just like hypnosis you can use subliminal mp3s and cds for your own personal development, the advantage being that you can use them during regular consciousness without entering a deep trance – view our range of over 200+ subliminal cds and subliminal mp3s here.